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We provide various important services to the students and their parents for successful and smooth admission process which eases the flow of the documentation and avoid any hassles in between

  • Medmax International  makes you aware about the rules and regulations of applying in the foreign medical universities  and completing the process of the application requirements and invitation letter.
  • Medmax International evaluates your academic documents to make sure that they are as per the norms of concerned university.
  • Medmax International  makes sure that you apply in the best  University as per the budget and intrests that you have mentioned.
  • Medmax International  also prepares your documents for the application i.e.attestation, legalization and translation by the embassy and the required authorities.
  • Our associates help you in getting the hostel room and its registration.
  • We  help you in final documentation in the University and getting a SIM card of the country.
  • Our associates help you in obtaining Certificate of Equivalency, Visa Extension, Library Membership Card etc.
  • Medmax International provides assistance for whole of the study period by coordinating with the University (if required)